o.T., ink on paper




Öger Tours macht dicht/Öger Tours closes down, ink and felt pen on paper




Öger Tours closes down entangled with other drawings




where do I begin with those palm trees?, felt pen on paper














Raubzug/Heist 1-2 (inspired by Prinz Eisenherz Comics), felt pen on paper

Beute/Prey, felt pen on paper

o.T., Edding auf Papier





Wasserkessel mit Rechaud/Kettle with Rechaud, crayon on paper





o.T., watercolour





Die Nähmaschine/The sewing machine, crayon and fineliner on paper




o.T., Edding on paper




13 Uhr 17, fineliner and ink on paper





Im Rosengarten/In the rose garden, Edding on paper



o.T., fineliner and crayon on paper




Nails, Nails, Nails, Buntstifte auf Papier











My favourite image backgrounds from Asterix & Obelix, ink on paper




o.T., ink on paper

Zierstreifen/Decorative strip, felt pen on paper




o.T., fineliner and crayon on paper












Tiere von unten/animals from below, ink on paper






Quallen/Jellyfish, ink on synthetic paper























Fastnacht (1-6), fineliner and felt pen on paper





Wie alles zusammenhängt/How everything is connected, fineliner on paper




Line Wasner//

a selection of small drawings

2018 - 2022